Are you a “responsible, innovative and creative individual who is well organised, patient and strategic”? Yes? Well guess what, so is every other LinkedIn member attempting to optimise their profile in order to help land their perfect job.

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We all know that the job market isn’t at its best and now, more than ever, it is common knowledge that in order to get noticed, you need to stand out. Sounds simple, right? However, filling your LinkedIn profile with these ‘inspirational’ and ‘motivating’ buzzwords does not help you stand out from the crowd, it simply helps to you join it.

When it comes to updating your LinkedIn profile many of us easily fall into the ‘you’re nothing special’ category without even realising it. In your eyes, you have optimised your profile to the maximum – to the point where people would be stupid not to hire you. However, is this actually the case? Have you subconsciously used the dreaded buzzword’s that could be hindering your job search? If you’re not sure, then read on. Here are 10 of the most overused, unimaginative, and all round predictable buzzword’s of 2013.

#10 – ‘Analytical’

#9 – ‘Innovative’

#8 – ‘Driven’

#7 – ‘Organised’

#6 – ‘Expert’

#5 – ‘Patient’

#4 – ‘Effective’

#3 – ‘Creative’

#2 – ‘Strategic’

And taking the #1 spot by storm – ‘Responsible’

If your profile is littered with these less than unique buzzwords, you might want to take 10 minutes out of your day to reconsider.  

Now I’m not suggesting that you completely remove all of these words from your profile because in some cases they are absolutely necessary. I simply suggest that you use them sparingly and back up any statements that include them with facts, figures and examples – examples that will wow any potential employer!

Do this and break free of the mould – trust me, it will work in your favour.

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