Formal job applications and paper CVs are soon becoming a thing of the past. Recruitment consultants are interacting with candidates on a more digital, casual and personal basis – getting to know the person and not just their skills set. Because of this, the way in which recruitment consultants are attracting and sourcing talent is always changing.

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1. Online networking events

Networking events can be a costly and time consuming process and for the busy recruitment consultant might not always be viable, however, online networking events can be a great alternative, and you won’t struggle to find one; the internet is littered with them!

Whether you join an official event or simply participate in a group discussion, you will come away with a handful of new and potentially beneficial contacts.

2. Social media

With endless opportunities to reach a continuously expanding network it makes perfect sense to integrate social media into your recruitment strategy.

Not only does social media allow you to source and interact with potential candidates, but it also allows you to build a reputation for yourself – something which can have a large impact on the people who choose to work with you.

Post interesting content that the people you want to target will find engaging, comment on discussions, interact with your following, be responsive and if you want to take it one step further, start a blog. By doing this you will slowly begin to build a positive reputation within your field and build a following; a following that will start to remember you, the company that you work for, and the work that you do. 

3. Video interviews

Gone are the days of sourcing a bunch of candidates for a role and bringing everyone in for an interview. With the likes of Skype and Google Hangouts speaking ‘face-to-face’ with your candidates has become a much faster and much easier process, allowing you to narrow down your selection before bringing the final few in for interview.

In a world where digital is becoming more and more prominent everyday it was only a matter of time before recruitment started to follow – which is great. Digital allows you to source, interact and interview candidates in a cost effective and timely manner. However, I wouldn’t forget the value in actually meeting people face-to-face – both clients and potential candidates. A good old-fashioned meeting allows you to find a common interest and ultimately build a better and long lasting working relationship.   

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