Hiring new talent can be difficult. Before making an offer, you need to try and assess whether the new hire will be able to produce the results that you want. More importantly, the results that your business requires to move forward. You also need to consider whether the new hire will fit well within your existing team. Are they the right culture fit? Do they have the right business ethics? Do they share your ambitions?

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Recruitment is a costly and time consuming process so it is important to assess all of these factors to ensure you make the right hire. To help, there are a number of traits that you can look for in your potential employees to help guarantee a suitable fit.


Stating the obvious, but first and foremost you need to assess whether the candidate can perform successfully within the role. Does the candidate have the relevant qualifications, skills and experience that you require? If so, how have they used this in previous roles? Is this something that complements the way your business works? You also need to consider whether the new hire is adaptable to change because different businesses do things differently!

Team Player

Team players will always be a valuable asset to any company. Hiring people that can work well with other people is very important. In most instances, the best and most successful ideas come from situations where employees get together and throw ideas around.


Someone that is enthusiastic about the work that they do will perform to a higher standard. 


People with initiative tend to be pro-active, open-minded and creative; they get the job done – a valuable asset to any business.


Hiring people that are confident in themselves and the work that they do can have a positive impact on the people that they work with. Just remember that there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance.


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