We’re getting close to the end of 2019 and you still haven’t had that dream job offer. Time to panic? Definitely not! Whatever the reason, rushing a career move is not a good idea. I repeat, NOT a good idea.

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Whether you’ve handled the mammoth task of job searching, interviewing and negotiating pay on your own or you’ve used an expert recruitment agency, the final decision comes down to you. So to give you a helping hand, here are our Top 5 Tips to consider before accepting a job offer.

Remember why you’re job seeking

Think VERY carefully about why you want to move jobs. And not just the reason you tell everyone else, the real reason.

  • More pay?
  • Different hours?
  • A more sociable culture?
  • Better training?
  • Shorter commute?
  • Bigger company?

It’s easy to forget how important these things are when the job description itself sounds so appealing, but ultimately these are the things that will dictate whether you enjoy going to work each day – and you don’t want to end up in the same situation 6 months down the line.

Of course, if you are currently unemployed you might not have the luxury of taking your time; that’s where a recruitment agency will really help find a good match quickly.

Do your research

Too many people accept job offers after a quick glance over the company website and meeting 1 or 2 people at the interview. It’s very easy for companies to control what ‘outsiders’ see, so make sure you do some digging too. Use Companies House and Glass Door to get an idea of their financial position and if you’re lucky you might find some employee reviews too. Check out their social media channels, especially LinkedIn to see who else works at the company.

Understand your job offer

This might sound obvious, but do you really know the ‘ins and outs’ of the job offer?

  • Working hours – what are they and is there any flexibility?
  • Who will you report to? Who reports to you?
  • What will your job title be?
  • Where will you be based? are there multiple locations?
  • What are the benefits (pension, commission, holidays etc.)?
  • Will you be required to travel?

Some of this will be in your contract but don’t be afraid to ask if you are unsure about anything at all. Where possible you should try and find this out before offer stage, but better late than never! For more advice on choosing the right company see ‘Is the company right for you?’.

Take advantage of your contacts

If you know people have worked at the company previously, pick up the phone! There’s no better insight than someone who has been there before. Give your recruiter a call too – a good consultant will have a close relationship with your potential employer and can probably answer any questions that might be running through your head.

Take your time.

Obviously not too much time, there’s probably someone else in the queue waiting for the offer but seriously, think it over. If you’ve been working with a recruiter you can cut this down dramatically by asking as many questions as possible beforehand, that way you can clear up any hesitations in advance.

Once you’ve considered all of the above, its decision time. If you’re ready to say yes, then congratulations! Good luck with your new job.

If the answer is no, you’ll face the task of turning down the job. There’s an art to this; keep it polite, be grateful, explain why and leave on good terms. Or, skip the entire conversation and let an expert recruiter handle the tricky stuff for you.

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