Work is a hugely important part of our lives. Many of us spend more time in the office than we do at home; it is therefore vital that, as an employer, you ensure your working environment is fun, positive and relaxing.

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Not only is the interior of the office important – office dynamics and atmosphere can also have a huge influence on the way your employees perform.

Studies show that a having a good working environment can increase productivity and overall job satisfaction, so it is in your best interests to invest time into evaluating your office environment.

Here are 5 tips on how to create the perfect office space.

1) Consider your office layout

An open plan office will encourage employee interaction, help create a community feel and improve team spirit. The office should give employees the independence and flexibility to work in numerous areas i.e. not restricted to a single desk. Also, providing staff with an area to relax in away from working areas will encourage regular breaks, which will help them remain motivated and focused throughout the day.

2) Incorporate colour

Studies show that different colours affect the psychology of staff and it is thought that this can have a huge impact on their attitudes, thinking and behaviour. The colour yellow for example is said to increase motivation. Purple is associated with calmness and orange is thought to encourage creativity. Try incorporating these colours into your working space to influence and improve the way your employees perform.

3) Keep it clean and tidy

A tidy office space is crucial when trying to create a great working environment – why not try the ‘paperless office’ approach? If that doesn’t take your fancy, provide cabinets for employees to store their belongings. Employees are proven to be more productive and extra organised when they have a tidy work space.

4) Plants

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to have plants and flowers in your office, they also filter and purify the air – great for temperature controlled offices. Plants are believed to reduce stress, improve concentration and efficiency, and benefit the overall health and wellbeing of employees.

5) Little perks

Provide small perks for your employees – something as little as a fruit basket in the kitchen or a selection of newspapers in the break out area can really make a difference. If you’re willing to splash out just that little bit more, consider providing a football table, a pool table or an Xbox – all things that require a little concentration. For employees to get the full potential out of a break, they need to engage their minds on something else and stop thinking about work.

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