We all know how difficult, time consuming and disheartening it can be searching for a new job. Loosing track of the jobs you have and haven’t applied for, sending out numerous applications and hearing nothing back, and spending what feels like hours trawling through job sites in the hope that you will come across the perfect role – it’s not fun and it’s not easy.

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Get your search back on track and avoid these simple, yet easy to make mistakes.

Too much planning

You’re spending too much time planning and not enough time doing. Creating to do lists for the sake of creating to do lists is the ultimate procrastination technique for any experienced job seeker. We all put off the tasks that we don’t want to do, but when it comes to job hunting you need to be active in order to succeed.    

Targets and goals

You’re not setting yourself enough targets. Targets and goals will keep you on track and help you be more productive.  

A Generic CV

You’re sending out the same CV for every job application. No two jobs are the same, so why send the same CV out for each? Make sure you read the job descriptions thoroughly and tailor your CV to suit them; highlighting any required key skills and experience.


You lack organisation. It is easy to lose track of the jobs you have and haven’t applied for. Creating a spreadsheet is a great way to monitor this. List all of the jobs you have applied for and the stage of application you are at for each i.e. whether you need to follow up with an e-mail, give them a call or attend an interview.


Applying for jobs that you are not qualified for is a massive mistake; however, surprisingly easy to do. When you have been reading job descriptions all day the time comes when you begin to skim read; looking for only a few select keywords. 


You lack enthusiasm. If you are lucky enough to land yourself a telephone interview, or a face-to-face interview for that matter, employers are very unlikely to hire someone who is lacking enthusiasm.

Selling Yourself

You’re not selling yourself. Sit down and read your CV, does it do you justice? A lot of people really do struggle to sell themselves and this can reflect in your application.

Time Wasting

You’re wasting valuable time; reading this blog for example – stop! Set time for a break or two throughout the day and stick to it.


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