The weather was wet, the atmosphere was exceptional – what more do you expect from an event in Manchester?

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This is a big thank you to everyone who has followed and supported this six episode blog and contributed to the fantastic efforts of Big Change. With your support, we have been able to smash our £1000 target and have now raised £1500 and counting!


Zak Round Paul Green

Zak Round and Paul Green complete the Manchester Half

My training stops, the CEO Sleepout sleeping bags are folded and put away for another year but Big Change’s hard work, dedication and commitment continues; my efforts are a mere drop in a Manchester puddle compared to the feats they achieve.

Having a central fund that various homeless charities can access, means that funds can be distributed in the areas that need it most at different times. So far Big Change has raised £200,000+ and helped over 1000 people get off the streets – let’s keep those numbers growing.


So what can you do? 

The latest blog from Street Support details exactly what you can do as we approach the winter months…

The key message here is giving what’s needed, where it’s needed. And that’s exactly why Big Change works so well.

If you would still like sponsor our Big Change weekend, you can donate online here.





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