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This summer we welcomed Andy Perkins as our new Finance Partner at Frazer John Manchester.

Andy has been heading up our Finance team since August and with 15 years’ experience in the world of recruitment; it’s no surprise that he has well and truly hit the ground running!

Growing up as a Yorkshire boy, his background inevitably raised questions with our Manchester team, but he insists he is now an honorary Mancunian after spending that last 16 years working in the city.

Andy Perkins, Finance Partner

With a strong focus on Interim positions in Finance & Accountancy, Andy will be supporting candidates and clients across the North. Having led a number of successful teams in both public and private sector sales, he is an awesome addition to our existing finance function.

Why the career move… and why Frazer John?

“The bulk of my 14 year career has been a 6 year stint at one business and 8 years with another, so looking for something new isn’t something I take lightly. There’s a time in everyone’s career though where you have to start looking for something new. For me, juggling life with a 2 year old can make work-life balance a bit tricky, so I was always on the lookout for a company that could support that.

Frazer John’s culture suits me perfectly. For a while I was hoping to find something more autonomous where I can get on with my job but also have an impact on the company I work for, and that’s exactly what I get at Frazer John. In fact, it’s pretty refreshing to have joined a company that lives up to expectations.”

How do you feel about taking on a new discipline?

“There’s no doubt that joining a new company (and discipline) is a bit intimidating, but I’m surrounded by people with a wealth of knowledge, which makes everything seem a bit more doable!

Plus, it’s not the first time I’ve had to adapt my skill set, and to be completely honest the challenge excites me. It might be a different sector, but 15 years in recruitment has taught me a few rules that always remain consistent: understand my clients’ needs, treat candidates with respect and look after the relationships I’ve built.”

Why Manchester?

“That’s the easiest question of all. I was drawn to Manchester’s infamous music scene and spent many of my younger years back and forth to gigs… after that, there was no looking back! Manchester stole my heart pretty early on in life so when it came to settling down, it wasn’t a difficult decision.”

If you are looking for interim opportunities in the finance market, or have a requirement for a short-term finance professional in your business get in touch with Andy.perkins@frazerjohn.com.

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