A common misconception is that the phrase “workplace diversity” defines meeting certain quotas in employee race or gender categories. In fact, “diversity” as it relates to human resources is a way of thinking and operating that encourages an entirely new and positive outlook among co-workers. Diversity in the work environment promotes acceptance, respect and teamwork. Companies that overcome certain diversity issues often achieve greater productivity, profit and company morale.

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Good practice for promoting equality, diversity and inclusion (commonly referred to as ED&I) is not merely about meeting a quota or taking a transactional approach to the diversity issue.

Successful organisations are those that not only promote diversity and inclusion and the different perspectives it brings, but those that then go on to restructure the organisation based on outcome; adding real value and creating change.

Diversity provides many key benefits to the organisation, but how ED&I is facilitated, implemented and valued within the wider organisation is critical to the successful delivery of true diversity.

What’s needed is an understanding of how the organisation can gain value from diversity, while also providing tangible benefits and career opportunities for every individual within the enterprise. It’s about taking conscious steps towards a more inclusive future and a more heterogeneous workforce. This goes beyond just promoting diversity and inclusion. It’s about actively restructuring the organisation based on the desired diversity outcome; adding real value and creating change.

To help HR leaders and forward-thinking organisations achieve this goal of ‘value through diversity’, Frazer John Recruitment recently held a thought leadership event that tackled the theme of ‘Why diversity matters’.

We invited three guest speakers to discuss:

  • How best to facilitate diversity in an organisation
  • How to implement diversity across an organisation
  • How best to evaluate the outcome of the value added by diversity
  • ED&I is more than just a ‘nice to have’, it’s now a critical factor in your ongoing people strategy and the future success of your organisation.

We’ve summarised the key learnings from each of these three sessions to help you tackle diversity in your organisation. Download our report here.

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