12 Months ago, at Frazer John Recruitment we launched and introduced to our business our brand-new recruitment CRM, built on the Salesforce Platform.

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Before FJR World, our Consultants would use a combination of systems to manage our Clients, source Candidates, communicate internally with each other and externally with our Clients and Candidates, but the way in which we do this has all changed.

FJR World is now our Primary go to place to not only run our recruitment business but so much more.


Gradually reducing our email traffic and utilising the Chatter element of Salesforce we now collaborate in a combination of internal Public and Private Groups.  Everyone in our Business has now got used to posting information in relevant Groups, in order to accelerate the way we share our information, to help us to react quickly and service our Clients and Candidates in a much better way, and also help other areas of the business to cross sell, get involved and work smarter.

We use Chatter to Celebrate successes, shout out announcements, roll out new processes, run internal projects and direct and drive our business forward, as well as sharing pictures of Business and Personal Social events.

Having the ability to like, comment and raise awareness of critical business information in an open collaborative way has been fantastic.


With our Recruitment Business hosted within Jobscience’s CRM in our Salesforce Org, this means we have seamless integration throughout FJR World and our data can be shared across different objects and 3rd Party Applications that we choose to use.  As Client and Candidate meetings are created in FJR World, these are synced seamlessly in to our Outlook Calendars and Mobile Devices meaning while out and about we can continue to administer these appointments in either the Salesforce 1 App or our phone Calendars.

Utilising a 3rd Party Application called Hoopla brings a world of Gamification to our Business.  Our Recruitment Consultants and Sales Teams, trigger the FJR TV Channel which runs on TV Screens and PC’s across our Office and Remote Working Locations, so when New Jobs are added to the system, or a new Candidate is invited to meet us in an interview, or when we hit our targets or Place a Candidate in one of our open Roles – the Consultants Picture and achievement is celebrated on the TV Channel with 60 seconds of their Deal Song across our whole business, so even if a User is working from home, or another location they can very much feel part of the Business.


Our decision to host our business on the Salesforce Platform continues to excite us every day.  As administrators to the platform, if we need to add a field to a screen, customise a page layout, change a view for a particular group of people, amend a workflow, restrict access to any areas of the system, or set up email alerts when a particular action is performed, it is so flexible and with a couple of clicks we can make the majority of changes ourselves.  This just keeps everyone happy, and allows the business to work smarter and faster.

Remote Working

For members of our organisation that work remotely from different locations and for those who don’t, the FJR World experience is exactly the same, and with the Salesforce 1 App, we control what information we access from our Mobile Devices, allowing access to all our information and chatter feeds wherever we are and whatever we are doing. Where someone directly mentions an employee in a Chatter post, their mobile device will alert them instantly allowing them to respond by liking or commenting on the post.

What’s next

The next major project is a full rebuild of the FJR Website.  FJR have now partnered with Project Simply and are building an exciting new website.

The new website will not only have a brand-new consistent look and feel and be fully compatible with any Mobile Devices, but will also include integration with our Salesforce platform, allowing us to now welcome Candidates in to FJR World!

Here is just some of the functionality our new Website will give us:

  • Candidates will be able to browse live jobs directly from the FJR World platform (rather than through separate 3rd party hosts).
  • Candidates will be able to Register and create an online account in FJR World and automatically create themselves a Candidate Record ready for our Recruitment Team to start working with them.
  • Candidates will be able to apply for multiple jobs on the FJR Website and their applications will be attached directly to the Job and their candidate record in FJR World.
  • Candidates will be able to login to FJR World and update their own records and upload their latest CV, along with being able to see their Job Applications and register for Job Alerts.

All this functionality is again going to help us work towards a much slicker and smarter experience for everyone who comes in contact with us and help us to achieve our impassioned and ambitious Mission Statement, “To always exceed the service expectations of our Candidates and Clients”.

Andrew Hackeson

Head of Technology & Infrastructure

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