No two days in recruitment are the same and yesterday was a fine example of that. The team at Frazer John supported a number of colleagues working at one of our key clients, NuGen, who have been placed at risk of redundancy.

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Whilst the business is in the process of being sold, the responsibility is with the workforce to keep calm and carry on. When the sale process doesn’t go as planned, that notion is stretched to its very limits. What we saw yesterday were employees who, whilst making sure the wheel keeps turning, continued to demonstrate commitment, professionalism, and an unwavering desire to deliver the highest level of service.

Being put at risk is often an unpleasant experience but our aim was to demonstrate that every cloud can have a silver lining. Candidates that have some fantastic experience will be entering what is a competitive but buoyant market and the experience of the last 18 months will only be a benefit for whoever employs them next. As documented in the IHS Report on Jobs, Northern England has seen consistent growth in posted vacancies and staff appointments, accompanied by some of the highest levels of starting pay for months.

NuGen have built strong teams with highly qualified, experienced candidates populating their back office functions. Operational excellence is the norm and as such candidates will be looking for similar within their searches.

We’re supporting candidates across qualified Finance, HR and Technology who are both permanent employees and contracted staff. If you’d like to chance to talk through the profiles of the individuals we’ve met or if you’re facing a similar situation and think we can help then please do get in touch!


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