Hiring top talent for your business can be a very daunting and difficult task, especially if you are a start-up – the process can really be make or break. Taking on new employees is a big step for any company and a decision that should not be taken lightly.

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Despite the current economic state many companies are still continuing to grow and need to hire top talent to help manage their rapidly expanding work load.

What to consider

It may sound obvious but before you consider hiring you need to ask yourself whether it is the right thing to do. Is it crucial to the success of your business? Will it help to drive your business forward?

Many businesses, usually start-ups with little to no experience, hire individuals when it is not completely necessary. In some cases, work load can be delegated amongst existing employees and processes can be improved and/or changed to increase efficiency. It is important to weigh up all associated costs i.e. salaries, technological equipment etc., review your systems and not to hire unless necessary and beneficial for your business.

The job spec

It is important to sit down with your team and brainstorm exactly what skills, experience and qualifications the new employee will need in order to perform successfully and produce the results that the business requires.

If you can identify exactly what you need and can get together a detailed job specification, you can almost guarantee you will find the ideal candidate. It really pays to take your time with this process.

Interviewing technique

Once you have a completed job specification, you need to develop an interviewing technique that will allow you to assess whether the new employee can deliver what you need.

Remember that your aim is to hire someone that will have a positive impact on your business and ultimately someone that will add value.   

Source the candidates 

With the likes of networking, social media, and recruitment agencies, sourcing candidates has now become easier than ever. Select between 3-6 candidates to bring in for interview. If you find more, maybe suggest a telephone interview first to help narrow your selection.  

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