The FJR Human Resources team are in full swing! Anna Chenery and Vicky Foster are delighted to be working together again. Anna and Vicky have found the first quarter of 2012 as exciting as when they first entered the HR market almost 15 years ago!

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Getting your HR recruitment right appears to be more vital than ever with the need across a number of industry sectors having to operate as deftly as possible. As is always the case businesses are experiencing change at different rates so whilst some companies are now starting to feel more pain and challenge resulting from the current economy, others have restructured years before and are working on maintaining a simpler, leaner business model so continuing positively with many seeing improving output.

From an interim perspective for the HR community, this means there is an increased need for continuous improvement experts such as those qualified in applying LEAN sigma principles to the HR division. We also have a demand for performance management / competency framework interims as companies look to assess and develop their most vital assets. Equally, there is still the need for specialist Employee and Industrial Relations experts on a short term basis to help companies through periods of redundancies and unfortunate site closures as smoothly as possible.

On a permanent basis demand for good multi skilled HR Business Partners remains consistent but geographical stretch of some of these roles prove difficult to commit to for some, as regions are growing due to reducing team numbers. Additionally, as the above changes are put into practice we are experiencing the need for more development focused professionals to help train employees on new processes and achieve their full potential

As is the nature of the market, if you have all of the above specialist skills as well as being a ‘generalist’……oh and if you can sweep up before you leave, so much the better!

We look forward to what the next few months and year entails and will keep you informed along the way.

Anna & Vicky

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