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I was going to write about trends in technology as that seems to be what everyone talks about in these things and then I thought, no, I’ll write about what trend we’re trying to create in the sector and that is “Back to Basics”.

As I’ve come from a varied recruitment background covering finance, housing , procurement and IT to name a few, one thing I’ve noticed in the technology recruitment sector is that there is a distinct lack of interest in the individual. Skills and people are seen as a commodity and little to no time is taken to scratch beyond the surface and find out about character; likes; dislikes.

The “ctrl F” approach just doesn’t seem to cut the mustard based on the feedback I get from candidates and clients from all levels. The market is tighter and a shotgun approach to searches and placements just isn’t enough in a world of LinkedIn, onsite recruitment teams and RPO service. A good recruiter, whatever the sector, should be well networked and able to link high calibre individuals with a range of clients, provide great service, and do those things their client organisations can’t, such as offering truly objective advice, being in the market all the time, giving realistic appraisals of the company and the skills in demand, handling sensitive appointments etc.

Those clients who have good internal teams who form strong working relationships with expert IT recruitment firms will do well. Their recruitment company’s network and expertise are their true assets as they are able to quickly provide quality candidates about whom they have prior knowledge. Internal referral schemes and social media all have a place but by using external recruiters you cast the net much wider, are able to consider people who aren’t on the market (that’s what we’re here for), and ensures you’re not always fishing from the same pond. Our own database of candidates has been built up from scratch based on “old school” methods – meeting people and getting to know what they want and what they’re good at.

“It’s not Rocket Science” as FJR Technology’s marketing states and that couldn’t be a truer statement of the recruitment sector. Strip it all back and it’s based around strong relationships, meeting people, listening to the needs on both sides and matching up the dots. Simple. We do these simple things well and that is what stands us out from the crowd. Of course I’m going to say that as I head up the division but I strongly believe sticking to these principles in both the permanent and interim markets has set us up for not only a strong 2013 but a strong future and many more placements to come.

What are your thoughts on “back to basics” in Technology Recruitment? Does it work? Why don’t more recruiters meet their candidates/clients?

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