Why The Move? Why did you decide to do that? What made you make that decision?

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The majority of us all like to live within a routine and stick to it. We get up, go to work, maybe go for a drink with a friend or colleague after, and then go to bed.

And repeat.

Getting out of our ‘Comfort Zones’; can be the hardest thing anyone can do. Disrupting the routine that’s been embedded in us for so long can seem like insanity or a disaster waiting to happen. As the famous phrase goes; ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

But what actually happens when we step out of our so-called ‘Comfort Zone’? Does the world end? Do terrible things happen to everyone around us that we love?

The simple answer is: No.

I’m the first one to admit that through most of my life I was terrified of stepping out of this zone. Not because I was scared of the consequences, but because throughout my schooling life I was lazy and pretty happy with settling for being mediocre and average compared to my friends.

The perfect example I can think of is a friend of mine who lives in Bristol. He achieved A* grades across the board at both GCSE and A-Level and yet now finds himself working in a job which is well below what he’s capable of – both in terms of job satisfaction and financials.

When I was down the other week, we sat down and had a frank conversation of where his life was heading. He made some changes, evaluated what he wanted out of life and what made him happy and now he’s in the process of securing a job which he deserves.

This is all because he decided to take a risk, step out his routine he was comfortable in and make a change to his life for the better.

Making the move to live up North without ever staying away from Bristol for 2 weeks at a time was a daunting and yet exciting challenge for me. Like most people in their early twenties, I had experienced the highs and lows of work, relationships and everything else that came along with it.

Some could say I was running away from my problems. And to be honest, there may be some element of truth in that.

And yet when the move was presented to me; it felt like a no brainer. I was given the chance to change the way I viewed myself, my career and change the way people perceived me as a person.

My work has gone from strength to strength, I live in a wonderful city where I have made great friends and opened up a number of doors which will benefit my career and life for the better.

This ‘Comfort Zone’ I was so nervous about stepping out of didn’t make a single difference to my life. Yes I had moved away from friends and family and yes I didn’t know anyone here – but the world didn’t end and I feel better for doing it.

So why the reason for this article?

Sometimes we need something in our lives to change in order to make these big decisions and take control of our lives. Whilst you might be happy in the city you live in or the job you work in – if you feel like you’re not being challenged, then do something about it.

You might get the odd person questioning as to why you move? But the chances are, is those people are still doing the same thing they’ve done for years on end and living in their ‘Comfort Zones’.

Are they happy? Probably.

Will you be happy if you make a big decision and your life changes for the better? Definitely.

If you’re in Recruitment in the North and looking for a challenge which could change your life and career forever, then drop me an email to james.holder@fjrtechnology.com

If you’re not in Recruitment but feel like you should challenge yourself more; do it.

You won’t regret it.


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