Counting down to Christmas is not all about last minute shopping. For managers, it can be a time to praise, motivate and invigorate your team, ready to tackle 2017 head on.

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Celebrating success

Too often we forget to thank employees for a job well done.

As 2016 draws to a close, evaluate what went right, celebrate successes and give your team a pat on the back for the year’s major wins.

Turn it into a presentation and let the entire team or office know where their colleagues have excelled. It’s win win, as praising success will inspire more of the same when the new year begins.

Spread some joy

Treating staff to a Christmas bonus is a wonderful way to boost spirits and motivate your team for the year ahead.

Many employers split rewards across December and January wages. Banish those back to work blues and start the new year by spreading the feel-good factor all round the office.

Plan for success

While it can feel tempting to wind down early, it’s a great time to set out plans for the coming year.

Fix targets, schedule regular reviews and let everyone know what’s in store. Ask for input, incorporate suggestions and your employees will really take ownership as the new year begins.

Set aside time for fun

Nobody said work had to be serious all of the time. Schedule regular fun into the diary and you’ll reap the rewards. Dress down Friday, monthly breakfast club, birthdays off, days out and incentivised targets work wonders for a positive team mentality.


Productive and positive workplaces are often overseen by managers who listen and learn. Who knows more about how your business operates and where there’s room for improvement than your own staff?

Invite everyone to compile an end-of-year wish list. Anything from replacing that old PC, to scheduling early Friday finishes. It can be anonymous suggestions in a jar, or a simple email straight to you.

Pick out the best and kick off the year by announcing which will be introduced.

After all, January needn’t be miserable. With a few innovations, you can turn it into the most motivational of months.

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