If you haven’t already heard, Manchester 3000 is only weeks away! The endurance charity event will take place on Friday 29th June, leading contestants on a very challenging route up and down the stairwells of Manchester’s iconic skyline.

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It’s safe to say this isn’t an easy task, but given the uphill battle Manchester’s homeless community faces on a daily basis, it seems only fitting to push ourselves to the limit for the people who support them, such as Big Change Mcr.

If you’re reading this, chances are you want to be involved, which is GREAT. But let’s not forget the physical strains Manchester 3000 will put on your body, so we’ve teamed up with The Gym Group Portland Street to provide you with 5 awesome tips for getting ready for the big day.

1. Shoes.

Make sure you have comfortable & appropriate footwear for the challenge! A decent pair of trainers can make all the difference. As well, as providing your feet with the comfort you’ll need to make it through the day, it’ll help prevent injuries and might even make you a little bit faster…

2. Ditch the lifts. 

You’re not going to like this one, but it really does make a difference. We’re all guilty of taking the lift up to the 2nd floor, so set yourself a target for the day (10,000+ steps), and use the stairs to help you get there. The higher your office, the better!

3. Get hydrated. 

Aim to drink between 2-3 litres of water per day. We can’t stress this enough, water helps everything. It’ll keep you hydrated ready for any training you do ahead of Manchester3000 and will keep your skin glowing too.

4. Group exercise.

Classes are the easiest way to cram cardio into your fitness regime. It’s a good idea to book onto a couple of classes in advance so you can fully commit your time. Try to get a friend involved too for motivation. The Gym Group Portland Street have an awesome class timetable including Fit Spin, Circuits, Tabata and Body Blast.

Plus, for those thinking about taking part in Manchester3000, The Gym Group has kindly put on a couple a group classes completely free of charge to get you in the zone.

To book onto either of the classes below, please email us your name and the date you wish to attend.

  • Monday 11th June @ 12pm
  • Monday 25th June @ 12pm

5. Get your Zzzz

Take a bath, read a book, watch Love Island… whatever helps you get a good night’s sleep! And when you finally wake from your dreamy sleep, it’s time to eat. Set yourself up with a substantial breakfast filled with nutrients and energy.


Follow these simple steps and you should be good to go. We don’t expect everyone to be fitness fanatics, but you should always prepare your body for a challenge like this.


Want to get involved? Sign up for Manchester 3000 here.

If you are interested in setting up a corporate membership at The Gym Group for reduced rates of £14.99 per month for your employees, get in touch with Rob Neave.


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