Today marks National Random Acts of Kindness day, and it made us think… do we live by this mantra enough in the workplace?

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Most of us will hold a door open and make a few extra drinks, but there’s a lot more we could all do when it comes to good deeds. If nothing else, it makes us feel good and that goes a long way. If everyone took the time to do one random act of kindness each day, we’d all be working in a very happy, productive office!

So, what can you do that isn’t going to break the bank or simply end up annoying people?

Bring treats

This is probably the easiest and most common act of kindness we see in the workplace today. Cakes, biscuits and chocolate are amongst the favourites when it comes to office treats but any kind of food usually does the trick. Plus…”Treats in the kitchen, help yourselves”, is likely to be accompanied by a quick break. Perfect for keeping energy levels up on a Monday afternoon!

Choose a charity

Get your whole team involved to maximise the impact of your ‘kindness’.

Try choosing a charity that you can dedicate some time to throughout the year. Do a bit of volunteering or get involved in fundraising events. If you’re up to the task, you could even run your own event!

Choosing something local can have a real impact on the people around you, which is why we support the battle against homelessness in Manchester. Mustard Tree and Street Support are our chosen charities, and we now host our very own event, Manchester3000, to help raise money for the cause.

Show an interest

This could not be easier and has a really big impact on the way people feel. A lot of people think relationships rely on common interests, and while that is true to a certain extent, you can build relationships by simply showing an interest. If someone wants to tell you about their weekend, ask questions instead of doing the classic ‘smile and nod’. You might actually learn something new about the person, and it could be the start of a blossoming work friendship!

Help someone

Obviously, this requires someone to be in need of help in the first place, but next time you see someone struggling, lend a hand! Even if you think they can manage, you’ll make their job a bit easier. It could be a quick fix on the computer or just carrying a few bits to the car, either way it will definitely be appreciated.

Pass the praise on

This is where we extend our kindness even further…

If you receive great service from someone, make sure they get the praise they deserve. Leave a review or tell their manager so they get a few brownie points from their boss. It’ll make them feel good and will probably encourage them to provide the same great service to the next customer, and so on.


So let’s not limit our kindness to a single day of the year, you’ll be amazed at the difference these small changes make to your attitude. This isn’t about employee engagement or tactics to improve productivity; this is about what you can do as an individual to create a more enjoyable workplace for everyone!





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