The Report on Jobs captures original survey data which provides the most up-to-date monthly picture of recruitment, employment, staff availability and employee earnings trends available. There are three reports, one covering the UK as a whole, one focused specifically on the North of England and one on the South.

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The Report on Jobs is a monthly publication produced by IHS Markit and sponsored by KPMG and REC.

Here are the key points from the North Report on Jobs:

  • Modest rise in permanent staff appointments
  • Fastest increase in temp pay for nine months
  • Candidate supply falls at softer rate

Here are the key points from the South Report on Jobs:

  • April sees further modest fall in permanent placements…
  • …but temp billings rise markedly
  • Slowest growth in demand for permanent staff since August 2012

Here are the key points from the UK Report on Jobs:

  • Slowest growth in demand for permanent staff since August 2012
  • Staff vacancies rise at the slowest rate since August 2012
  • Candidate shortages continue to push up starting pay

James Stewart, Vice Chair at KMPG  says:

“This report shows how the UK jobs market has seized up, with both employers and candidates waiting to see which direction Brexit is going to go in. For now, this smothers the prospects for growth and makes it a lot harder for companies looking to innovate.

Overall employers have hired fewer permanent staff in three of the past four months and most of the firms we’re speaking to say that uncertainty around Brexit is to blame. A subdued public sector is also contributing to the wider picture.

On the supply side, a high rate of employment and the apprehension of potential candidates means there just aren’t a lot of suitably skilled people out there to hire anyway. This is an increasing problem for firms in technology, health, and engineering who are experiencing a skills gap.

Concern over the long-term picture means now is a good time to be a temp’ with steep increases in pay for both day rate and short contract workers.”

Neil Carberry, Chief Executive at Recruitment & Employment Confederation says:

“Employers are turning to temporary work to support their business and offer people opportunity while the long-term economic picture is unclear.

We should be proud of how our jobs market has adapted to challenging circumstances. Resolving Brexit will bring some certainty, but we must also take bold steps to fix the underlying problems suggested by these figures.”


For free copies of the full reports, please get in touch or call 0333 023 0077. 

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