The Report on Jobs captures original survey data which provides the most up-to-date monthly picture of recruitment, employment, staff availability and employee earnings trends available. There are three reports, one covering the UK as a whole, one focused specifically on the North of England and one on the South.

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The Report on Jobs is a monthly publication produced by IHS Markit and sponsored by KPMG and REC.

Fortunately, the job stats from June are a good sign that the initial shock is behind us. It is, however, going to take some time to rebuild confidence.

Of course, the uncertainty around COVID-19 will be something we are going to need to contend with for a while, but I am confident that there will still be opportunities out there for candidates while the UK jobs market re-builds.

Recruiters will play a pivotal role in helping people who find themselves in the job market find new opportunities. – John Mackey, Managing Partner | FJR Executive.


Here are the key points from the North Report on Jobs:

  • Demand for workers deteriorates at a slower pace.
  • Labour supply expands at a quicker rate.
  • Starting pay continues to fall.

Here are the key points from the South Report on Jobs:

  • Slower, but still marked, falls in permanent placements and temp billings.
  • Record increase in temporary candidate availability.
  • Starting pay continues to fall amid weak demand for staff.

Here are the key points from the UK Report on Jobs:

  • Softer but steep falls in permanent placements & temp billings.
  • Quickest rise in staff supply since the start of 2009.
  • Starting pay continues to fall as vacancies decline further.

You can download a free copy of the full reports below…

UK | June 2020 – Report On Jobs

North | May 2020 – Report On Jobs

South | June 2020 – Report On Jobs




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