The Report on Recruitment captures original survey data, providing the most up-to-date monthly picture of recruitment, employment, staff availability, and employee earnings trends.

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Permanent placements take a hit, but temp placements lift

In June, we saw a continued decline in permanent staff appointments, the steepest decline in three months. Election uncertainty played a part, causing a slowdown in recruitment activity. On a brighter note, there was a slight rise in temp billings – the first increase since last October.

Salaries rise again

June brought a notable rise in permanent staff salaries, the highest since last October. This increase is due to a shortage of suitable candidates and the ongoing cost of living pressures. Temporary staff pay also went up, although at a slower rate.

Demand for staff dips, but temp roles gain ground

The overall demand for staff fell modestly in June, continuing an eight-month trend. The decline was mostly in permanent roles, while temp vacancies saw a slight increase for the first time since January.

More candidates enter the market

Candidate availability grew in June, marking the second-fastest increase since last November. This rise is due to a mix of redundancies, slow decision-making from clients, and fewer job openings.

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