The Report on Recruitment captures original survey data, providing the most up-to-date monthly picture of recruitment, employment, staff availability, and employee earnings trends.

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Softer decline in placements

We saw a positive shift in the UK recruitment landscape in May, with the slowest decline in permanent staff placements since March 2023. It was a similar story with temp billings. There are ongoing challenges like slow decision-making and specific candidate shortages, but we’re cautiously optimistic.

Salaries keep on rising

Another uptick in starting pay rates for both permanent and temporary staff, caused by the competitive candidate landscape and recent increases in the national minimum wage. Salaries for permanent roles notably increased, similar to the strong growth we saw in April.

Staff demand steadies

Demand for staff dipped slightly in May, the softest decline in the past seven months, signalling a stabilisation in the job market. Notably, this reduction was restricted to permanent roles, while demand for temporary staff remained steady.

Candidate supply rises at its sharpest since 2020

The availability of staff surged in May, marking the most significant increase since December 2020. That’s been fuelled by a higher number of redundancies and more people returning to the workforce. It means a broader pool of candidates, but find yourself a trusted talent partner to navigate the waters.

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