The Report on Recruitment captures original survey data, providing the most up-to-date monthly picture of recruitment, employment, staff availability, and employee earnings trends.

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Appointments decline, but at their slowest rate since June 2023

April continued to see a decline in both permanent and temporary staff appointments, yet the pace has softened considerably. This is the gentlest rate of reduction we’ve observed since June 2023, reflecting a resilient job market amidst ongoing cautiousness in hiring and the challenge of finding suitable candidates.

Salaries rise again, marking 38 months in a row

In response to the competitive job market, firms have proactively increased pay rates in April, continuing a 38-month trend of rising salaries for both permanent and temporary roles. This month, permanent staff enjoyed the most significant rise in pay rates seen this year, while temporary staff experienced an increase slightly above the average pace since June 2023.

Staff demand steadies

Although overall demand for staff has been on the decline for the past six months, April showed signs of stabilisation with the slowest rate of decrease since January. The demand for temporary staff was particularly resilient, barely decreasing and indicating a steadier market.

Candidate supply rises sharply

This April, we’ve seen the sharpest increase in candidate availability since last November, fuelled by a higher number of redundancies and an increase in job-seekers. This growth was strong for both permanent and temporary positions, promising a broader pool from which to find the perfect fit for our clients.

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