There are major benefits in choosing an industry-specific recruitment consultancy. Increased personalisation, higher-levels of customer service and the ability to build on-going relationships are all attributes of smaller consultancies of this kind, and it is easy to see why they are the preferred option for so many employers and candidates.

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Understanding the market 

Recruitment should never be left to chance which is why you need to put your trust in a consultancy that understands the market in which you operate. Industry-specific recruitment consultants are far more likely to understand your business or professional ambitions and have the contacts and knowledge to help you achieve your aims.

If you are a candidate, a consultancy of this nature is likely to have a wide network of contacts, helping you to secure opportunities even before they are in the public domain. They are also likely to have invested time and effort into building and maintaining these relationships in order to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties.

For clients, they can shorten the recruitment process through access to high-calibre candidates, including passive candidates who are not necessarily actively seeking a role but who could be tempted. This focused management of the talent pooling process improves candidate reach and minimises the potential for costly and time-consuming hiring mistakes; all underpinned by detailed knowledge of the industry-specific skills that are required.

Making things simpler

A smaller industry-specific recruiter is better-placed to get to know both you and your company, simplifying the briefing process and ensuring successful recruitment for years to come.

Even at the start of this relationship, you are far more likely to encounter a consultant who can fully understand your needs and wants from the outset. Instead of having to start out by explaining the entire sector to your recruitment consultant, you will be able to focus on the specific skills you want – or those that you have to offer to an employer.

Industry-focused recruiters can also offer advice of their own based upon extensive knowledge and experience in your field. They can often be in the perfect position to offer an insight into the type of skills available on the market at the time of a given recruitment drive; or they can alert you to business changes that could signal job opportunities for you to explore.


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