So we have found our new home and now we are building it with the hope of moving in in the coming months. Working from a shell it’s been a fantastic experience to help design an office for the team. There’s the normal stuff like flat screen TV’s, nice new furniture, awesome kitchen and drinks area but there are also a few twists… a garden of sorts, a car with its own car port and huge graphic cartoon walls – what a fun space!

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We spend too much time in the office working hard for our clients and candidates to look at white walls, gaze out of glass windows, sit at bog standard uniform bench desks with nothing to inspire us; this new space will be colourful, bright, inspiring and very different – just as we are! 

There will also be some surprises and rewards in there for the team. After all, this space is about them and ensuring they have a rewarding and most of all fun place to work.


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