The way we recruit has changed massively over past years. Advances in technology mean the days of faxing CV’s and posting job ads in local newspapers are long gone – recruitment has entered the digital age.

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From LinkedIn and Facebook to online applications and video CV’s, recruitment is an ever changing industry – and the latest craze… Google !

Launched back in 2011 and with over half a million active monthly users, more and more are beginning to use Google for recruitment.

The Benefits of Google    

Google has many of the same attributes as LinkedIn; a popular choice for many recruiters. Google provides a great platform for you to market content, join group discussions and interact with your contacts; however, it also has a few unique perks – Circles and Hangouts to name a few.

  • Google Circles – recruiters can organise their contacts into ‘circles’. The idea behind this is that users can share different content and information with different circles i.e. a recruiter can share an available finance based role with their ‘finance candidates’ circle, rather than sharing it with all their contacts, many of whom would find the information irrelevant.   
  • Google Hangouts – this provides an excellent platform for direct messaging and video conferencing between contacts.

Other benefits include:

  • Communication – recruiters can send direct e-mails to their contacts Gmail accounts, even if they don’t have their e-mail address.
  • Emphasised Search (after all, this is Google) – allows users to easily search for people, companies, posts, pages and more.

Why Not Give it a Try?

Google is estimated to become a huge part of recruitment in 2014, so I strongly recommend giving it a try.  

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