With only two weeks to go, I wanted to give you a little insight into Zak Round’s training (my fellow runner for the Manchester Half).

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Zak works as an Accountant for Frazer John and although his excel skills are next level, his “research” tactics on Tinder are what really set him apart. He ‘willingly volunteered’ to run the half marathon as he wanted to help contribute to the Big Change:

“…even after travelling the world Manchester has always been home  – I wanted to give something back to people much less fortunate than myself”.

Zak Round Rugby

Zak Round -Manchester Rugby Club

Having run for four years, Zak asked me to assist him with his training preparations. He plays for Manchester Rugby Club and is built for power and explosive pace – a complete contrast to myself – and his training methods and diet, as a result, would not fuel him over a long distance.

He sees the Manchester Half as a great chance to get himself fit for the rugby season but he realises it’s not going to easy:

“I’ve only ever run a 10K in the past so this is something I’m dreading”

Throughout the course of the last 12 months, Zak has faced his own battles:

*cue sad music a la X Factor*

Zak recovering from his injuries

Zak recovering from his injuries

In November 2017, Zak broke his leg. In April 2018 the silly sausage dislocated his shoulder for the second time which resulted in him having an operation in June 2018. This has proven to be a set-back with ongoing physio and traumatic pain and with the rugby season and run looming Zak is putting all his efforts into ensuring he is in the best possible state:

“I’ve been reading running blogs and resting…a lot!”

Most importantly, Zak knew he was facing the impossible. From injuries to fitness levels, a half marathon just wasn’t realistic, yet he persevered and with little help he’ll be pounding the pavements on 14th October! The people we see on our streets and in our homeless shelters are no different; they are human beings who have faced various set-backs in life and just need a helping hand to make their next step possible.

Sponsor Zak and the team and help us raise as much money as possible!

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