It can be seen time and time again in business; too many people thinking about the result and not the process that it takes to get there.

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Successful business is all about building long lasting relationships. In order to do this you need to focus on making the process the best process your customers have ever received. If you can do this you can guarantee they will come back again and again, generating revenue year on year.

This is especially relevant in the recruitment industry; successful recruitment is all about building relationships and getting to know your clients and candidates – something that we pride ourselves on here at Frazer John Recruitment.

As a recruitment agency we are already on the back foot; recruitment has a bad reputation and people will in most instances associate you with that. By delivering a standout process you have the opportunity to completely change that perception.

Remember that the process is beneficial for both parties. If as a recruiter you can fully understand your clients and candidates, then the chances you will make a successful placement are massively increased. Similarly, if clients and candidates feel as though you have really taken the time to get to know them, their needs, their personalities and culture, they will have confidence in you.

Bypassing the process may very well generate a quick sale, but the chances that the business will return are reduced, simply because the service you delivered wasn’t standout; this is especially relevant if a placement turns out to be unsuccessful – a situation that could’ve been completely eliminated by taking the time to build that relationship in the first place!

Relationships are built on trust, commitment and loyalty – three things that you need to retain a customer base. Constantly think about the process and the service you are delivering because at the end of the day people aren’t likely to buy from people that they don’t like.

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