Replacing employees proves negative for any company. It is costly, time consuming and disruptive. Disengagement and turnover are therefore among the top concerns for many employers today.

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In order to reduce staff retention and ensure their happiness, you as an employer should strive to be the ‘perfect boss’. 

1) You are approachable and caring.     

No one wants a boss that is unapproachable. If your employees have any concerns or problems they should be able to address you and discuss them. They should also feel like they are able to come to you for advice. Let’s face it, you are meant to know what you are doing!

Employees also need to feel like you genuinely care about them and their welfare. Making sure they are provided with a great office environment will ensure that they feel comfortable at work.

Engaging with your employees on a personal level, although not too personal, will help you build a relationship and understand each other better. Incorporate work based social events into the diary so that you can get to know your staff outside of the working environment.

2) Employees share your company values.

The culture of your company is built on the values that you hold. If your employees feel a connection to these values they are much more likely to want to continue working for you. This is something you should consider when hiring new staff – do they share your values and will they be a good fit for your company culture?

Research by Heard Wisdom, specialist in employee engagement, found that 27% of employees who leave in the first year say it is due to feeling ‘disconnected’ with the company. So, be sure to reinforce your main aims, objectives and company values; this will keep your employees engaged and interested.

3) Everyone fully understands his or her individual role.

Setting specific goals and holding regular reviews is a good way to ensure that everyone knows what they are doing and what is expected of them. This also helps make sure that the employee feels confident in what they are doing and that their goals are attainable.

Everyone likes to know that their work is relevant and be reassured that what they are doing isn’t just going to waste! 

4) Your staff feel that you recognise and value them.

Who doesn’t like to be praised? Studies suggest that employees would work harder if they felt that they were better recognised at work.

Offering recognition can have a positive impact on the productivity and retention of staff. One way you can offer recognition is by offering rewards, for example, a cash bonus or gift. In addition, work privileges such as finishing work early one day in the week or being invited to a work social event – all of which will make your staff feel like their hard work is being recognised and more importantly, rewarded.

5) They see progression and a future in your company.

You need to offer employees the opportunity to progress and improve within your company. If you don’t, it is likely they won’t stick around.

Career growth prospects that can be targeted and tracked will help employees feel like they have something to aim towards – this is great for motivating your staff and getting the best out of them.

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