There are a number of factors behind a successful business; drive, ambition, leadership, innovation and culture to name a few; however, one factor takes precedence – creativity.

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Although creativity can be a difficult concept to grasp, it is a key component found within any successful company. Without creativity, a company has no way of differentiating itself from competitors in the market – something which has become increasingly important in today’s modern business environment.

It is therefore vital to encourage your employees to think creatively in order to help drive your business forward.

Evaluate Current Practices

Sticking with the same tried and tested methods will get you nowhere. It is important to constantly question and evaluate your working practices in order to improve. There will always be something that can be changed in order to obtain better, more effective results.

Inspiration and Leadership

Employees need to be inspired to think differently, so providing the right culture, leadership and working environment for them to do so is key. Set an example for your employees and give them the time and space to be creative.

Team Work

Team work is a fantastic way to encourage creativity. Not only can employees share and develop their ideas together, they can also share the success. This is great as it can help to eliminate competition between individuals within the company – something which can often have a negative impact on creativity.


Support your employees and their ideas. Every idea isn’t going to be great, but it is important not to ridicule these ideas. If employees feel as though their ideas will be mocked, then it is unlikely that they will step forward and present their thoughts. Provide encouragement, give constructive feedback and offer suggestions – this will help ideas develop and grow.

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