We all dream about landing that perfect job but it takes hard work to achieve it. Unfortunately it’s rare that someone knocks on your door with the ideal contract and we understand how time-consuming the process can be, not to mention frustrating and stressful.

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One way in which you can improve your chances of securing that dream role is to use a recruitment consultancy. But that doesn’t mean the pressure is off you. The following are five tips to help you get the most out of your relationship with your consultant.

1. Get an expert

No one is an expert in every sector and you need someone who knows more than you do, if they’re going to be able to provide insight and advice. Do your research and find a recruitment consultancy which specialises in your field. Not only will they be of greater use to you because of their knowledge of the sector, but they should also have a good reputation in the industry resulting in a range of vacancies and senior hiring contacts in key target firms.

2. Make a lasting impression

It’s important that you do your best to establish a good relationship, becoming more than just another CV. Keep in touch with them; you never know when a new vacancy may present itself and a quick call or e-mail could arrive just at the right time.

Even after they place you in that new role, a coffee every now and again can be a good idea; after all you never know when you might need them again or what new opportunities may emerge.

3. Don’t sit and wait

The reason you are on the books of a recruitment consultancy is because you are looking for a new job. So either you are unhappy with the one you have or you’re between jobs. Either way, you need to make sure that you take the initiative. Consultants are working with a whole range of applicants so don’t simply sit and wait for that call. Be proactive, perhaps suggesting target clients and roles suited to your experience or updating them with any new training or certification.

4. Use their expertise

Always listen because despite your own experience, they will invariably have valuable insights into your sector. They can help with CV’s and covering letters, in addition to providing advice on skills development, together with coaching for the interview process. Most importantly, be ready to accept and react appropriately to constructive criticism and feedback.

5. Understand yourself and your goals

Make sure you know exactly what it is you are looking for. This goes far beyond any specific role. Think about your current position; there will be elements of it that you thoroughly enjoy and those that you would prefer to avoid. What are they and can they be eliminated from your next role? Think about what gives you the greatest pleasure. Is it working as part of a large team, or on your own? For a major organisation, or a smaller enterprise? Make a comprehensive list of exactly what it is you’re looking for in an ideal role and make sure that you discuss this with your consultant. This will allow both of you to confirm or refine the search criteria, ensuring the best possible match.



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