Our Managing Partner, Max Learmonth, recently sat down with Michael Brennan from Stribe to discuss putting ‘People before Profit’ for Stribe’s webinar series.

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It’s been a challenging past year or two for everyone. The period has seen employees adapt to new ways of working and organisational change. With the new hybrid working world, the challenges with recruitment and the shortage of labour, there has never been a more important time for employers to invest in wellbeing and engagement.

Taking care of your employees is essential to driving business outcomes. Research shows that companies with a happy and highly engaged workforce are 21% more profitable than companies with less engaged employees.

In the webinar, Max shared his high-growth mindset, people-first approach, and the results it has generated for the company.

Max and Michael Brennan from Stribe discussed:

– Why investing in your people is essential in the current market
– A people-first approach to business
– The link between employee engagement & business performance

Check out the full webinar below.

Or visit Stribe’s website through the following link.


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