It’s been a busy couple of months in both our Manchester & London offices, with new recruits joining the Frazer John Adventure all the time. We weren’t going to let their fresh views of the business go to waste, so we’ve decided to capture some of their thoughts and share them with the world…

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The first in our ‘Welcome to FJR’ series is Kristian, affectionately nicknamed Kirsty on day 1.



Kristian Fisk – Technology Consultant, Manchester

Was it what you expected?
“I don’t think it ever is… I arrived in the middle of a fire drill so I was greeted by most of the team outside Sainsbury’s which was different! Once I got up to the office it felt a lot more like a first day with a desk full of stuff like guides to life at Frazer John and a couple of treats.”

What did you like most about your first day?

“I really enjoyed being able to mix with people from other teams so quickly. Sometimes you can be thrown in and once that initial opportunity to say hello passes, it just never happens. It was clear that everyone knew I was starting and there was a real buzz in the office which made for a nice atmosphere.

Another thing that helped was meeting everyone before I started. We went for a few drinks the week before which definitely takes the pressure off and relieves that ‘Argh, I don’t know anyone!’ feeling.”

How does it compare to your last job?

“Like anything there are pros & cons; although I stayed within the same sector (tech recruitment) I moved from a company with 300+ employees to a much smaller company in the city centre. Of course there are going to be differences!

There’s a lot more freedom to do things your own way here. My previous company was a lot more corporate which came with the perks of a very structured training programme but the support here is far more personal. After just a couple of months I’m already comfortable enough to go to anyone for help if I need it, whether it is someone from my own team or the Founder himself.”

What advice would you give to someone thinking about moving from a large recruitment agency to a smaller one?

“Don’t hesitate, just go for it. It goes without saying that each person is better suited to different environments, so if you’re perfectly happy where you are and you enjoy the corporate world then go ahead and embrace it. But if you feel like there’s something missing, or you’re ready for a new challenge, don’t be afraid… you might just flourish!”


If you’re interested in joining the Frazer John Adventure, visit our careers page to find out more. 

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