Recruitment is a year-round business; the UK’s workforce searches for new employment 365 days a year.

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Yet certain times are sometimes busier than others for recruiters. Which leads us to the question, what exactly is the best time of year to look for a new job?

Well, generally speaking, now is as good a time as ever…

At last count, from July to September, the UK employment rate was at 75.0%, up from 74.4% the previous year, according to the Office of National Statistics.

There are also 32.06 million people currently in work, 279,000 more than this time last year.

And according to the November Report on Jobs, a monthly publication produced by IHS Markit; despite the current uncertainties caused by Brexit and political turmoil, recruiters are placing more people into jobs – particularly in the private sector.

This has been met with a continuing decline in candidate availability, so demand for talent is high, driving salaries up.

So, when is the optimal time to start the search?

Contrary to popular belief, December is a great time to look for work. Many people leave jobs around this time of year, and employers are often keen to start the ‘on-boarding’ process pre-Christmas so they can hit the ground running in the New Year.

It is worth mentioning that a high percentage of job seekers are passive. Simply checking your email bulletins is not always the best way to find a new career, so it pays to be proactive. Get yourself out there and make the most of the opportunities available.

At this time of year, you may also find that there’s less competition as people start to switch off and wind down. Not to mention the countless opportunities to network with people in high spirits.

However, if you leave it too late, fear not… Deciding to switch jobs is a popular resolution for the New Year and opportunities are often rife!

Unsurprisingly, we think there’s no bad time to start the search. There’s a multitude of magnificent positions just waiting for you.

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