Experts advise that whilst limited new opportunities were created for finance generalists in 2015, 2016 will see a growing demand for those in specialist finance roles.

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With recent economic and technology developments in the corporate sector, significant numbers of new jobs are reportedly being created in the finance industry, from those requiring specialist knowledge in compliance and risk, through to those focussed on various other financial specialisms. This economic reform will see job opportunities and salaries within the industry soaring as the growth continues.

This is much-needed news for those looking to develop a financial career. Since the 2008 crisis, limited roles were being created for those with a financial background. However, with the repercussions of the recession fading, 2015 finally became the year in which corporations began to hire replacements and replenish in-house talent.

Even in 2015, however, the industry’s appetite for fresh new roles was relatively lacklustre, with companies seeming to direct their efforts towards candidates who could pick up existing jobs and roles; qualified financial experts who they could recruit with ease and on-board with minimal training.

As 2016 unfolds, organisations are now moving beyond the replenishment model and are actively creating new roles in specialist areas. These include: 

  • Financial Reporting
  • Commercial Analysis
  • Finance Business Partnering
  • Systems Accountants
  • Project Accountants
  • Audit/Compliance

Based upon early 2016 performance within the financial recruitment sector, it would seem that UK’s fast growing market is set to create various new and exciting opportunities for finance specialists, with the remuneration to match.

There is now considerable focus not only on current operational requirements but on candidates with longer-term potential. Finance corporates and SMEs alike are seeking candidates with the attributes suitable for a move into mid-level and senior management roles. Salary offers are reflecting these ambitions.

Every major B2B and B2C sector is being affected by the seemingly inexorable advance of technology. Finance is no exception, with technology-literate Gen Y and Millennials likely to be in ever higher demand as the sector continues to create new and disruptive technology-led solutions.

So where should those hoping to pursue a successful financial career look? At present, the Big 4 are looking to hire auditors; a recruitment trend which has increased by 180% since 2014.

Those specialising within commerce and industry can expect improved job prospects, and there is high demand for those working with media and technology services. More and more financial jobs are becoming available in the North West; attributable to the fact that so many large firms are relocating at least some of their operations to cities such as Manchester and Leeds.

Crucially, this recent prosperity is also creating new jobs within recruitment itself, from resourcing roles to more advanced subject matter specialists as companies compete for individuals with talent and promise. There are even indications that some firms have been making conditional offers to candidates 6 months or more in advance, based upon exam success.

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