I think it’s fair to say that Recruitment Agencies get a bad rap. I think it’s fair to say that a lot of them deserve it; they call too often, they are bullish, they send unsolicited email, they pretty much ignore all feedback and there is just SO many of them, right? They call themselves consultants but they work to their own agenda and have only their sales target in mind when they make each call and meet each candidate…

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Frazer John Recruitment do the exact opposite of this… They makes every effort to call when you have time to take the call, they ASK if you have time to talk, even though every sales training manual will give you the instruction to not ask, because it gives them the opportunity to say NO. They send relevant candidates, and align your job specification to the very last detail so that what you’re left with is the perfect candidate and what you experienced was tip top service with all of the usual headaches taken out. And for their candidates they provide honest feedback and advice for the next move, they answer left messages, no matter how difficult the conversation is going to be and they listen to your job requirements rather than ram a job THEY want you to take down your throat.

A rare thing in the world of recruitment but they take immense pride in their work, benefitting customers and candidates alike, who return for repeat business time after time. Placing your trust in “FJR” is rewarded with an extremely high level of service, complemented with a very helpful and efficient consultant, who goes above and beyond their own job description and works that extra hour to fulfil promises made…

Behind the scenes, what you have is a brilliant place to work. Where everyone encourages one another to do well. No resentment is found if someone is flying high. EVERY single person in the office is pleased for you if you’re the one who is smashing your target month after month. If you’re struggling, you are invited to feed off the success of your peers and apply their recipe for success to your own methods, all the while being encouraged to retain your own style and personality. Their faith in you is unmoving as is their investment in you as an employee. You are encouraged to identify your own areas for improvement and then provide the necessary training to be as accomplished as you can be. It’s in their best interests of course; to coach you to close as many deals as possible, but it really does go beyond financial gain – as an agency they strive to be the best, which is an ambition shared by all and inspires those privileged by proximity.

There is nothing to even remotely suggest that “FJR” won’t achieve their ambition; they certainly have the staff and determination needed for it. And if you get the opportunity to work with, or even better FOR Frazer John Recruitment and the team… Enjoy.

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