Job No. JO-1912-17099
Salary icon £30,000 min per annum
Location icon London
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Loans Administration/ Loans Documentation Analyst

Loans Administration/ Loans Documentation Analyst

FJR Finance is representing a City-based Bank to hire a permanent Loans Administration/ Loans Documentation Analyst. The role is due to growth and has a combination of both Loans Administration/ Loans Documentation Analyst. The chosen candidate must have some experience of both Loans Back Office/ Loans Administration, as well as Loans Middle office, Loans Documentation experience.

The company is small in London, so there is also a requirement to sometimes be trained and get involved with their Treasury Operations.

Products covered:

FX, MMK, NDF, CD, ECP, Repo, Securities, IRS, CIRS, Futures, GMTN, Corporate Loans

Aspects of Operations covered within the team:   

  1. The prompt checking, and chasing if required, of Corporate Loan interest confirmations received into their internal system ensuring that all details match prior to value date.
  2. Prepare tickets and process after checking any partial or full principal repayments requested for Corporate Loan transactions into their internal system including informing the relevant Front Office teams of the details
  3. Prepare and send after checking fixing notices for any Corporate Loan agency transactions including preparing a copy for input into their internal system. 
  4. Prepare fixing notices for processing into their internal system activity once received from the Corporate Loan agents.
  5. Track all inbound funds expected in relation to Corporate Loan activity, chasing clients if delayed.
  6. Prepare entries for any periodic Corporate Loan fees and obtaining approval prior to passing across for processing
  7. After receiving new drawdown/utilization requests from Corporate Loan clients, check for and obtain copies of any relevant CP documentation, liaising with the Corporate desk, prepare the trade ticket and approval documents. 
  8. Obtain approvals from relevant management and keep Front Office teams informed of the new transaction for their records.
  9. Maintain any applicable Loan-related databases
  10. Filing of all transactions and entries pertaining to Corporate Loan activity

  1. Review the morning reports obtained from Euroclear ensuring accurate processing of Securities coupons expected and other activity for both co’s London Branch’s account as well as our safe custody client accounts, updating the Euroclear Coupons spreadsheet accordingly.  Also to claim any coupon’s expected on Repo transactions from the client.
  2. Process and ensure the matched and settled instructions for Repo activity including updating the Repo Summary sheet for referral purposes
  3. Once transactions have been registered into their internal system, the accurate and timely preparation of Euroclear and their internal system’s cash and settlement entries for new Securities transactions dealt, checking details to Traders and customers’ confirmations
  4. The accurate registration of new Securities instruments into their internal system as requested by Traders for new transactions dealt.
  5. To calculate the semi-annual safe custody fees for applicable clients, providing data for checking prior to delivery to the Middle Office for claiming.
  6. Provide our Securities safe custody clients with accurate monthly statements as reconciled against Euroclear
  7. Filing of all transactions and entries pertaining to Securities trading by The Korea Development Bank, London Branch and its’ safe custody clients in an accurate and efficient manner.
  8. Perform an additional check-in Euroclear of all entries due to settle next business day to confirm their accuracy, ensuring that the Euroclear check sheet is signed
  9. Manage the checking and payment or receipt of all call margin claimed in relation to our repo holdings, including maintaining the monthly interest calculation spreadsheet with the appropriate daily rate.  At the end of the month, claiming and agreeing interest due
  10. Update of the cheapest to deliver contracts within Murex for effective reporting
  11. Update of the Lending & Borrowing activity within Euroclear to the appropriate sheet for monthly monitoring by Front Office
  12. To liaise with clients to ensure timely settlement of CSA related collateral using the information provided from Front Office and approved by Credit Team.

  1. Print the Futures statement and reconcile against transactions dealt and positions held using information from their internal system.  Also, calculate and confirm with the daily margin figure producing the relevant entry for processing in their internal system
  2. The accurate registration of new Futures instrument in their internal system as requested by Traders for new transactions dealt.
  3. At the end of the day once confirmation has been received that all Futures transactions have been processed, obtain and input the relevant market price for open positions & run the Daily Futures MTM within their internal system (including printing a screenshot to confirm completed).

  1. Process all initial settlement notice, fixing and coupon interest entry preparation for GMTN transactions dealt.

  1. Process in a timely and accurate manner the settlement accounting into their internal system for all products including Securities maturity entries and Loan partial redemptions and rollovers.
  2. Update and agree on the daily Position Sheets for trading staff throughout the day confirming figures to their internal system and preparing next day available cash prior to the close of business of that day.
  3. Process the Rate Fixing program in Murex including printing the relevant report, and then the corresponding Fixings also to be processed in their internal system with a final report printed
  4. To maintain effective communication channels with traders, clients and colleagues
  5. To provide cover, when required, for other staff members within the Operations team.

£35 k pa- £40 k pa (plus bonus & benefits).
Loans Administration/ Loans Documentation Analyst

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Job No. JO-1912-17099
Salary icon £30,000 min per annum
Location icon London
Office icon London Office
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